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Metropolitan Solutions is proud to offer students comprehensive hands-on training, monitored testing. Clients realize that not only does Metropolitan provide environmental, health and safety services to a national group of clients, it also teaches the classes. Scheduled classes are never canceled. 

Please see the following for a general guide to the classes we offer and the length of the course:

Class title (Click to expand) Location Duration
Asbestos Initial
Worker Virginia 4 days
Supervisor Virginia 5 days
Project Monitor Virginia 2 days
Project Designer Virginia 2 days
Inspector Virginia 3 days
Management Planner Virginia 2 days
Asbestos Refresher
Worker Virginia/California 1 day
Supervisor Virginia/California 1 day
Project Monitor Virginia 1 day
Project Designer Virginia 1 day
Inspector Virginia 1/2 day
Management Planner Virginia 1/2 day
Asbestos Spanish
Worker Initial Virginia 4 days
Worker Refresher Virginia/California 1 day
Asbestos General
Non-Friable Flooring Removal Virginia 1 day
Non-Friable Roofing Removal Virginia 1 day
Non-Friable Siding Removal Virginia 1 day
OSHA Class IV & Asbestos Awareness Virginia 2 hours
OSHA Class III Removal & Asbestos Operations, Maintenance Virginia 2 days
Lead Initial
Worker Virginia/California 2 days
Supervisor Virginia 4 days
Project Designer Virginia 1 day
Inspector Virginia 3 days
Risk Assessor Virginia 2 days
Lead Sampling Technician Virginia/California 1 day
Lead Refresher
Worker Virginia/California 1 day
Supervisor Virginia 1 day
Designer Virginia 1 day
Inspector Virginia 1 day
Risk Assessor Virginia 1 day
Lead RRP
Initial Virginia/California/Washington 1 day
Refresher Virginia/California/Washington 1/2 day
Lead General
Awareness All locations 2 hours
General 24 Hour All locations 3 days
General 40 Hour All locations 5 days
General Refresher All locations 1 day
DOT HM - 81 Equivalent Transport of Hazardous Materials All locations 1 day
HAZWOPER, Custom as Requested All locations Variable
OSHA Safety
OSHA 10 Maritime All locations 10 hours
Construction Safety Awareness All locations 2 days
Confined Space Entry Awareness All locations 2 hours
Marine Competent Person Initial Virginia 3 days
Marine Competent Person Refresher Virginia 1 day
Mold Supervisor Initial All locations 3 days
Mold Worker Initial All locations 2 days


Depending on the location of your training, please contact us using the following:

Portsmouth, VA


San Diego, CA


Bremerton, WA


Jacksonville, FL


We are equipped to teach our courses via video conferencing. Contact us at any location to find out more.